MiFID II Position Limits & Exchange Fees

Your Reference Data Resource for Position Limits and Exchange Fees Across Global Products


Position Limits Compliance Simplified

Validate position limits data with these low-cost, effective data sources


FIA Tech’s Position Limits Databank (PLD) and Equity Options

Position Limits Databank (EOPLD) make it quick and easy to obtain data required for pre-trade screening, complex post-trade monitoring and exchange and regulatory reporting.

On a daily basis, FIA Tech aggregates, cleanses and validates limits data from exchanges and governments around the world to eliminate inconsistencies or omissions. Together, the PLD and EOPLD serve as industry utilities and are the only consolidated source for global position limits and related regulatory information data in the world.


PLD Enhancements for MiFID II

In January 2018, commodity derivatives traded in European markets will be subject to new position limit monitoring requirements as part of the MiFID II regulations. As a result, PLD is being enhanced to account for all impacted products and exchanges. FIA Tech Data Analysts are in constant communication with ESMA regulators and exchange to ensure that upcoming rules are relayed to PLD subscribers and incorporated into the data feed.


Determine accurate trading fees quickly

Trust the data you use to quote clients, calculate commissions and reconcile exchange invoices.

FIA Tech’s Exchange Fees Databank (EFD) provides sales, trading and clearing operations with a transparent means of aggregating, interpreting and monitoring the complex fees associated with trading on global exchanges. As the only independent source in the world of trading fees data, EFD provides banks, futures commission merchants and brokers with the ability to accurately quote clients, create client commission schedule, reconcile expenses, and reduce costly errors. Machine readable data files can be integrated into internal systems to save time, avert rate erosion, establish control and maximize revenue opportunity.

Key Features

  • Continuous coverage on more than 41,000 global products including futures, options on futures, cleared swaps, delivery and shipping certificates, stops and warrants, warehouse receipts, equity options, etc.
  • Data includes accountability levels, reporting levels, position limits, contract aggregations, diminishing contract indicators, mini contract multipliers and more
  • Up-to-date data to help firms mitigate risk and compliance lapses.

Additional Data Resources

In addition to EFD, PLD and EOPLD, the FIA Tech Databank includes two Factbook resources with contract specification information on key financial instruments:

  • Futures & Options Factbook
  • Security Futures Factbook

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