FIA Tech Product Normalization Project

FIA Tech has undertaken a project to improve and refresh our product data that is used on electronic rates schedules (eRates) in DOCS.  The goal of this project is to correct the current DOCS product codes and names with product information provided by exchanges, so that firms can more easily identify products when creating and reading DOCS electronic rate schedules.

This update will result in DOCS product codes matching exchange product clearing codes.  Product names in DOCS will more closely match exchange product names as well.  Additionally, we’ve added a large number of products, product groups, and exchanges that were previously unavailable in DOCS.  FIA Tech has converted all products on eRates, both on agreements and in firm rate schedule libraries, so that all electronic rate schedules have the same updated products on them going forward.

Due to the large number of changes, deployment of these product updates will take place in two phases. In phase 1, new products will be made available to add to rate schedules in DOCS.  In phase 2, product changes, mappings and delisting will occur both on current agreements and in the reference data.

Please reach out to if you have any questions about the updates or testing these changes in DOCS UAT.  Review our documentation for more information regarding the updates that are being made to products in DOCS as part of this project.


Product Normalization Phase 1 – Product Additions

During phase 1, approximately 1,300 products were added into existing product groups and exchanges. These products were added to DOCS on Friday, March 31st, 2017. The products are available for addition to rate schedules through the eRate tool in DOCS and the eModule. A full list of the added products can be found in the below document:


Product Normalization Phase 2 – Product Updates

In phase 2, approximately 8,000 products will be added and updated. These updates will be made on July 16th, 2017. Documentation on these changes can be found below:

  • DOCS Product Normalization Updates: This spreadsheet contains a full list of the products that will be available after the product normalization project has been completed (“Updated List” tab).  Also included in this spreadsheet is a list of products that will be delisted from DOCS entirely, and a list of products that have been mapped to another product. Firms can review and test all changes outlined in this spreadsheet in DOCS UAT currently. These product updates are slated to be made in DOCS Production in late November.
  • DOCS Product Normalization (Detailed View, Recommended for API Users): This spreadsheet contains a more detailed list of the product updates being made in DOCS.  This spreadsheet describes how FIA Tech mapped and updated each product, including how in some case one product was mapped to multiple products.  We recommend that DOCS API users review this spreadsheet.