Settlement Platform


Atlantis is the project name for FIA Tech’s new settlement platform that facilitates the calculation, invoicing, and payment of firm transaction-based fees based on FCM community input and requirements.  This new platform allows firms to more accurately and efficiently calculate and settle brokerage fees and support today’s best practices in brokerage invoicing, payment and management. Atlantis consumes give-up data from futures exchange clearing systems and provides previous months and current month-to-date views of give-up payables and receivables. To facilitate the calculation of give-up fees, Atlantis continuously retrieves give-up agreements from Docs, which is an industry-wide electronic give-up agreement administration system.

Some of Atlantis’ key functional points include:

  • Real-time System – All changes are reflected in real-time in the system, without waiting for batch processing
  • UI/UX – Better user experience and workflow driven user interface to aid users and management
  • Simplified Trade Data Management with Excel Upload – Easily upload changes with Excel upload mechanism
  • Messaging-driven – Firms can interact with the system via secure APIs and messaging in and out of the system– real-time messages for trade notification, trade enrichment by EB and trade rejection by CB
  • Reconciliation Integration – Inbound and outbound integration with eRecs and other third party reconciliation tools is supported via file and message based integrations
  • Docs Integration – Project Atlantis is tightly integrated to Docs for accounts, rate schedules and draft agreements to improve collaboration
  • Global Market Coverage – Project Atlantis supports invoicing and settlement of brokerage based on trades delivered from exchanges or bilaterally submitted and approved by executing and clearing brokers
  • Responsive Development and Bug fixes – Enhancement and bug fixes introduced every few weeks by FIA Tech’s dedicated development staff

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Participating Exchanges

  • ASX 24
  • CME (includes XCME, XCBT, XNYM and XCEC)
  • Eurex
  • Intercontinental Exchanges (includes IFED, IFEU, IFLL, IFLO, IFLX, IFUS and NDEX)
  • Montreal Exchange
  • OCC
  • Singapore Exchange
  • All other markets can be submitted via Clearing Broker Trade Submission

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