OCR Resources

Here you will find any documentation or help resources you need for the OCR product.

Product Documentation

The OCR Data Service User Guide is available within the FIA Tech OCR Portal, together with the OCR Data Service Glossary and the OCR Data Service Frequently Asked Questions. Prospective users interested in reviewing these user documents may contact FIA Tech to request copies for review. These documents are invaluable to users and address many questions that may arise during initial use of the system to enter data.

For Clients, the Quick Start Guide provides an introduction to registration in the OCR Portal and illustrates the process of creating Profiles.

FIA Tech has compiled a Market Identified Code (MIC) List.

For the FIA Tech security policy statement, see Production Management Standards: Information Security.

CFTC Rule and Forms

The CFTC recently adopted new requirements for reporting of trading data that significantly expanded existing reporting requirements by establishing new volume thresholds for reporting and identifying additional triggering events. These requirements were set forth in the CFTC’s new ownership and control rules for identification of futures and swap market participants (“OCR Final Rule” or “Final Rule”) that were published on November 18, 2013.


The OCR Final Rule establishes that Reporting Firms must file:

  • Form 102A when an account becomes reportable.
  • Form 102B when an account reaches a “Reportable Trading Volume Level” of 50 or more contracts on a DCM or SEF with the same product identifier during a single trading day.
  • Form 102S for a swap counterparty or customer consolidated account with a reportable position.

In addition, the OCR Final Rule established that:

  • Form 40s must be filed by owners and controllers upon special call by the CFTC.
  • Form 71s must be filed by originators of an omnibus volume threshold account or an omnibus reportable sub-account.

FIA Tech developed the OCR Data Service in response to the new Final Rule to provide a single technology platform for delivery of ownership and control data in a standardized format to regulators and exchanges. Support for the initiative was provided by a number of Reporting Firms seeking a secure, efficient, and reliable means to ensure their compliance. FIA Tech worked in partnership with the Reporting Firms and with the CFTC to develop and test the system prior to implementation, ensuring its robustness and validating its benefits to Reporting Firms as a cost-effective and reliable compliance solution.

Reporting Entity On-boarding

Consistent with its long recognized commitment to innovative and effective technical solutions for industry, FIA Tech offers the OCR Data Service to Reporting Firms for their use in complying with CFTC ownership and control reporting requirements. With support from their Clients to ensure the completeness and accuracy of entered data, Reporting Firms can establish their accounts within the system and link their accounts to owner and controller records known as Profiles. Clients limit use of their Profiles to the specific Reporting Firms that they designate.

Reporting Firms wishing to use the OCR Data Service for compliance reporting should contact FIA Tech to discuss establishment of Participant status for the firm. Reporting Firm use of the OCR Data Service is fee-based and governed by a Master Services Agreement. Once the Reporting Firm has been established as a Participant within the system and a Reporting Firm Administrator has been designated, the Reporting Firm should inform its Clients of its Participant status and designate users within the firm to enter the firm’s accounts.

Please contact FIA Tech 1.202.772.3088 or ocr.support@fia-tech.com to discuss the process for establishing Participant status.

Client On-Boarding

Clients who have been asked by one or more participating Reporting Firms to create and manage Profiles within the OCR Data Service may do so at no charge. Registration in the FIA Tech User Hub and acceptance of the “Terms & Conditions for the OCR Application” provides entry to the OCR Portal. Once they have registered, Clients may enter their owner and controller information in the system in Profiles and grant permission to one or more Reporting Firms to use their Profiles for reporting.

Clients may wish to consult our OCR Portal Quick Start Guide to learn more about registration in the OCR Portal and the process of entering ownership and control information in Profiles.

Clients with large amounts of owner and controller information should contact FIA Tech for assistance with submission of files for importing of their data.

For general inquiries and onboarding information contact info@fia-tech.com


Q: What does it cost to use the OCR Data Service for ownership and control reporting?

A: Reporting Firms interested in using the OCR Data Service for their ownership and control reporting should contact FIA Tech for information about becoming a Participant and the fees involved. Clients may maintain owner and controller data in the system for use by Reporting Firms at no charge.

Q: Once a Reporting Firm is established as a Participant, how long does it take to set up Profiles and Accounts before compliance reporting can begin?

A: Reporting can begin immediately once the first Accounts are entered and Profiles are associated with the Accounts to provide the ownership and control information that will be reported. Setting up a large number of Accounts and verifying the completeness and correctness of the data may require one-two months. FIA Tech provides notifications to Reporting Firms of incomplete Accounts, which aids the Reporting Firms in optimizing the quality of their data and reduces the time needed to identify Accounts and Profiles that may require additional information.

Q: What are the system requirements for the OCR Data Service?

A: The OCR User Portal is a web-based application optimized for Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Chrome 22 and higher, Firefox 27 and higher, and Safari 7 and higher.

Q: How does a Reporting Firm establish an OCR Data Service Administrator?

A: Once a Reporting Firm has been established as a Participant within the OCR Data Service, FIA Tech will set up access for one Administrator to serve as the main operational point of contact for the firm. After the Administrator has been established, the Reporting Firm may establish additional Administrators if needed.

Q: How many Reporting Firm Users can be granted access to the OCR Data Service to manage the firm’s Accounts?

A: Reporting Firms may establish any number of Reporting Firm Users to establish and maintain account information and, if needed, manually initiate compliance reporting.

Q: What measures has FIA Tech taken to ensure that data stored within the OCR Data Service is secure and recoverable?

A: Data stored within the OCR Data Service is maintained and backed up in data centers with high security standards and regularly validated and verified control dimensions. The security of the data is additionally verified by SSAE16 audits. In addition, remote sites used by the data centers for disaster recovery purposes are required to conform to the production data centers’ security requirements.