What do our people like about working at FIA Tech?

“Flexibility to work from home and working around our family/personal schedules”

“Working with coworkers whom I enjoy spending time with. Unlimited La Croix”

“Small team but lots of visibility on projects with open all hands meetings. The stability of a big finance company and the efficiency, creativity, and weekly snack pickings of a tech company”

“The company offers flexibility and is accommodating to personal needs. The medical, dental, vision and retirement benefits are on par or better with the rest of the industry”

“Friendly atmosphere, ability and freedom to try out new things and great work-life balance”

“…learn many new things from our knowledgeable people and also to share their knowledge; an environment that promotes knowledge sharing”

“…its a great company which works as a team where every member’s work is valued. Great perks, lots of fun time in the offices and healthy interaction between colleagues”

“Thoughts and ideas are taken with open arms. We are working with a lot of newer technologies which can be rewarding to help keep a person engaged”



FIA Tech sponsors group trips to events, company picnics and other fun experiences throughout the year.

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Comprehensive Benefits

Health, Dental and Vision

We offer comprehensive, affordable health coverage for FIA Tech workers and their families.

Generous 401k Contribution

Each year, FIA Tech makes a generous contribution to your 401k account, regardless of how much you put in.

Flexible Work Arrangements

We make it easy for employees to balance work and personal responsibilities through work-from-home and flexible schedule arrangements.

Commuter Benefits

Save on work commuting by paying for eligible mass transit and/or parking expenses with pretax dollars, saving on federal and state income and employment taxes.

Great Culture and Community

You’ll work in a collaborative, team-oriented environment that values each employees’ contribution. Our employees get to know and like each other as people and often get together for fun outside of work.

Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage provides additional financial security to our employees and their families.

Commitment to Diversity

At FIA-Tech, we value people of all races, gender orientations, ages and religious and ethnic backgrounds. We know that diverse teams bring us better ideas and serve our clients more effectively.


FIA-Tech is committed to environmental stewardship in all we do, from designing energy efficient workspaces to encouraging low-carbon commuting to recycling waste at our facilities. By creating a robust and reliable electronic trade settlement process, we also help reduce paper usage industry-wide.

Software Developer

Responsible for supporting our proprietary web based software system by developing, maintaining, & operating application software systems.

Send res to: FIA Technology Services, INC & 2001 K Street Northwest, Suite 730 – North Tower, Washington DC 20006.

How To Apply

Contact Us

For general inquiries regarding Accelerate:

Call: 1.202.772.3000

Email General Client Support: clientservices@fia-tech.com


General inquiries regarding Atlantis

Call: 1.202.772.3000

Email Atlantis Support: atlantis.support@fia-tech.com

General inquiries regarding Docs

Call: 1.202.772.3000

Email Docs Support: docs.support@fia-tech.com

General inquiries regarding OCR

Call: 1.202.772.3000

Email OCR Support: ocr.support@fia-tech.com

General inquiries regarding eRecs

Call: 1.202.772.3000

Email eRecs Support: erecs.support@fia-tech.com

General inquiries regarding Databank

Call: 1.202.772.3000

Email Databank Support: databank@fia-tech.com