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Eventus joins FIA Tech’s Databank Network

FIA Tech, a leading technology provider to the exchange-traded derivative industry, announced today that Eventus, a leading provider of comprehensive, at-scale trade surveillance software, has joined the FIA Tech Databank Network and will be integrating FIA Tech’s cross reference symbology and core contract specifications data into its client offering.

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Nasdaq and FIA Tech Partner to Reduce Complexity and Increase Resiliency of Post Trade Infrastructure

Nasdaq and FIA Tech will catapult efficient data sharing across the global post-trade industry

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Removing frictions in
brokerage, trading, clearing,
and compliance

Our vendor inter-operable, cloud-based systems
solve the most pressing operational and technological
challenges for participants, including buyside firms,
end users, FCMs, introducing brokers
& market makers.

Used by over 8,000
market participants

We support a complete trade lifecycle for
all market participants, from counterparty
on-boarding through post-clearing

Collaborating to create
industry standard tools

Through partnership with the clearing and trading community, as well as clients and regulators, we deliver targeted advocacy and technological innovations that can drive greater market efficiencies. Every service is designed to benefit all market participants. Our industry-scale brokerage platform connects all major exchanges and processes 80% of daily global brokerage transactions.


Derivative Exchange Partners


Market Participants

Our Offerings


Our platform provides tools for streamlining and processing agreements & contracts, enables users to cut costs and free up staff time, improve workflow processes for establishing trading relationships, and enchance security and data protection.

Brokerage Processing

We have the tools you need to manage the entire payables and receivables lifecycle quickly and easily through our Accelerate platform. We connect you to all market participants — exchanges, brokers, clearers and clients, for end-to-end management of brokerage relationships, payments, settlement and reconciliation.

Reference & Trade Data

Simplify compliance with accurate, readily accessible data on position limits and exchange fees across global products and markets. Our databank makes it east to comply with current and developing regulatory requirements like the new MIFID II position limit rules.

Regulatory Reporting

Automate complex reporting processes with our secure, reliable web-based system that enables futures market participants to capture and store client data needed for ownership and control reports to the CFTC.


Customers access a broad range of integrated services through Accelerate,
a comprehensive, global and scalable software-as-a-service
and transaction processing platform.

Compliance and Reporting
withOwner Controller Repository

Golden Source
Reference Data

Legal Documentation
and Rate Schedule
management withDocs

Brokerage Settlement
and Processing

Reconciliation and
invoice management


Our teams support markets around the world
with assistance available around the clock.

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