91-99% Settled

Within the first settlement cycle

1.5 Billion

Futures contracts settled last year


Automatic integrated

Atlantis automated capabilities enable
firms to calculate and settle brokerage
fees efficiently and accurately.

Easy to understand
brokerage settlement

Our system provides timely, scheduled
payment with complete transparency,
several end-of-settlement-cycle reports
and an audit trail.

Real time

Updates and user actions are reflected
real-time in the system, without waiting
for batch processing.

Automatic monthly settlement

All trades are automatically settled on a
monthly basis, with all fees invoiced and
paid. Final, accurate invoices ensures
client funds are properly managed
for clearers.

Global market coverage

Atlantis supports payments to and from
participants on all global ETD exchanges.

Access via UI or API

Users can access Atlantis capabilities in the
way that best meets their needs, either
through our web-based application or via
secure APIs that support messaging in and
out of the system.

Reports & Metrics

Atlantis supports a broad range of
reporting formats including CSV
and modernized XML. Firms can
access their daily and
end-of-settlement-cycle reports
via API, SFTP or by downloading
them directly from the Atlantis website.

Docs Integration

Atlantis is tightly integrated with Docs and on
an hourly basis both new give-up agreements
and updates to agreements feed and trigger
recalculation of fees within Atlantis.

Reconciliation Integration

Atlantis connects seamlessly with eRecs and
other third party reconciliation platforms through
file and message based integrations.

34 Participating Exchanges,
with all global ETD markets enabled for settlement

  • All ICE Exchanges*
  • Eurex*
  • ASX*
  • SGX*
  • TMX*
  • OCC*
  • All Nasdaq OMX Exchanges*
  • All CME Exchanges*
  • All Euronext Exchanges
  • EEX
  • HKEX
  • JPX
  • MEFF
  • MGEX
  • Bursa Malaysia

*direct feed to Atlantis

Common Questions

Who can settle
using Atlantis?

  • Clearing Broker
  • Executing Broker
  • Order Passing Broker
  • Carry Broker (3rd Party Payer)
  • Client

What does
it cost?

There is no fee to onboard Atlantis.
See our pricing for more details.

How long does it take to
test and Onboard Atlantis?

Anywhere from a couple of weeks
to a couple of months.

Fee Calc as a Service

Calculate brokerage fees

This add-on module enables users to compute fees on
trades based on their own trade economics. Fee Calc is
available in conjunction with eRecs, or as a stand-alone

Integrated with eRecs and internal systems

For each trade received into the system, the Fee Calc matches
transaction details with the client’s executed agreements and
rate schedules. When a match is made, Fee Calc provides a rate,
rate type, calculated fee amount, currency, and matched agreement ID. Upon completion, all trades enriched with fees are relayed back for review and action. The process repeats whenever the give-up agreement changes.

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