Industry-leading network of buy &
sell-side participants, underpinned
by a digital signature framework

Our Docs platform sets the standard for managing and storing
legal agreements, serving thousands of end-users throughout
the futures industry

More efficient and less intensive
way to create and maintain
rate schedule

Docs makes it simple to create, edit, store, share and access rate schedules. Our Rate Schedule Library allows users to apply a single rate schedule across multiple agreements.


Supporting legal Entities


investors, end users and traders


Executed Agreements


Part of Accelerate platform

Docs is part of an integrated platform that links give-up
agreement management with brokerage settlement and
fee reconciliation as well as other downstream systems.

Industry standard language and templates

In collaboration with the FIA, our platform provide users with standardized, current agreement templates that can be customized to fit individual firm needs.

Compliance and audit trails

We keep a record of all your agreements, which can be easily
searched by keyword. Users who need documentation for any
specific agreement can access electronic or hard copies at any time.
All agreement changes are logged in the system to create an audit trail.

Multi-Jurisdictional eSignature Framework

The agreement execution workflow within Docs supports both
eSignatures for active participants, as well as management
of externally signed agreements for parties not directly
using the system.

Access information via UI or API

Users can draw information from stored documents or rate schedule libraries manually, through our intuitive UI, or through automated APIs that integrate directly with their firms’ internal systems.

Agreement versioning and storage of previous agreements

FIA Tech periodically updates standard agreements to reflect
new requirements, but all previous agreements are automatically
archived so that users can view past documents.


Step 1

Download and complete our documentation available here.

Step 2

Mail the adherence agreement to us. We need a hard copy with a wet ink signature to process your agreement.

Step 3

We’ll contact you within one business day of receipt of your documentation to get started setting up your account.

Step 4

Approve the terms in your user agreement and you’re ready to go.

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