A single interface manages brokerage invoices
from all major platforms

eRecs provides the tools to manage and reconcile payables and receivables
accruals against back office accounting systems all from a single web-based
application. Our system integrates seamlessly with all major electronic brokerage
settlement platforms including Atlantis and GPS and can easily accept manual
invoices from individual brokers. One comprehensive system enables you to
reconcile and settle trades on electronic platforms, manually invoice direct bill and
non-electronic platform participants for unsettled trades, create invoices, record
receipts and payments, and monitor and manage exceptions.

98% Exact Matches

Up to 98% Exact matches on Day 1 for firms using Fee Calc


Automated Workflow Actions for 95%+ of Volume for firms not using Fee Calc


All-in-one dashboard

Everything you need to know about current
settlements, matching trades and aged debt
can be accessed from a single intuitive interface.

Performance statistics
and summarized reporting

eRecs creates daily and monthly statistics
on the productivity of the operations team.
eRecs offers summary level reports for
tracking accruals.

Low-cost, scalable solution

Our platform grows with your business,
providing streamlined payments and
receivables processing to futures trading
desks of all sizes at a reasonable price.
Highly customizable using the best in
class cloud technology.

Automated invoicing

eRecs supports electronic invoice formats and dispatch,
so that you can process payments and receivables in a
streamlined, paperless system. Our platform automatically
tracks the invoices you’ve created and paid and enables
your team to access this information through an easy-to-use
User Interface.

Flexible, smart matching engine

Our powerful smart matching engine flags discrepancies
that prevent straight through processing, enabling firms
to respond rapidly to data mismatches. eRecs identifies
problems with accruals on a daily basis, generating results
that can be used to advise of payments, create invoices
and make adjustments. Smart matching ensure that you
only have to fix a problem once, and you’ll never deal with it again.

Native integration with Atlantis
with real-time T+0 processing

eRecs connects directly with the Atlantis brokerage
settlement platform to help firms mitigate risk and
compliance lapses. All Atlantis actions —including holding,
affirming, rejecting and approving, as well as amendments
to trade facts — can be performed directly from the eRecs
interface. eRecs automates Atlantis Affirm, Approval, and Trade
Amend using a powerful AI-based rule engine and
Exception Management.

Integrates into your back office systems

eRecs can plug directly into your existing back office and
accounting software, saving time, reducing errors and
enhancing your firm’s revenues and profitability. Tools can
be customized to meet your specific needs. Onboarding and
integration is quick and painless. Our intuitive, highly
customizable UI enables brokerage teams to get up to
speed in no time.

Fee-Calc as a Service

Calculate brokerage fees

This add-on module enables users to compute fees on
trades based on their own trade economics. Fee Calc is
available in conjunction with eRECS, or as a stand-alone

Integrated with Atlantis

For each trade received into the system, Fee Calc matches
transaction details with the client’s executed agreements and
rate schedules. When a match is made, Fee Calc provides a rate,
rate type, calculated fee amount, currency, and matched agreement
ID. Upon completion, all trades enriched with fees are relayed back
for review and action. The process repeats whenever the give-up
agreement changes.

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