Help FIA Tech improve the design and user experience of our Products

What is it?

A group of active Accelerate (Atlantis, Docs, OCR) users who are able and willing to give valuable design feedback on Accelerate Products.

How does it work?

Once or twice a month, we will send out an email with a call for participation in a design research activity. If you have time and are interested in participating, you can follow the instructions in the email. If not, you can skip it. There is always next time.

Do I need any prior design experience/knowledge?

No! The purpose of this group is not to test you, but rather the designs themselves. This testing will ensure the product design is intuitive and usable and that we have worked out any major usability issues.

How long will it take?

Each exercise will likely take between 5-10 minutes. We might also host a conference call/WebEx on occasion. As mentioned before, you can always skip it and come back next time.

How do I join?

Just sign up using this form. You will get an email next time we are running a research exercise.

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