London / New York, 25 May 2023

FIA Tech, the futures industry’s leading technology provider, today announced that it has expanded its cooperation with LSEG’s data and analytics business, one of the world’s largest providers of financial market data, enabling reference data-sharing for joint customers.

LSEG is now part of the FIA Tech Databank Network, an initiative to bring together independent software vendors (ISVs), exchanges, clearing houses and other data providers into an interoperable global network simplifying the use of reference data, analytics and software solutions from participating firms.

Databank Network unifies reference data from over 80 exchanges and central counterparties (CCPs) globally, leading index providers including LSEG’s FTSE Russell indexes, MSCI, S&P and STOXX, and ISVs CQG, OpenFIGI and Trading Technologies.

Andrew Castello, Head of Reference Data at FIA Tech, said: “Having LSEG join the Databank Network is a major milestone not just for FIA Tech, but also for the futures industry as a whole. This industry is continuously pushing firms to help reduce costs, create efficiencies, and challenging the existing post trade workflow. Together, LSEG and FIA Tech are working to improve our joint clients’ trade workflow activities.”

About FIA Tech
FIA Tech is the leading technology provider to the exchange traded derivatives industry. Owned since 2021 by a consortium of ten leading clearing firms and the Futures Industry Association, FIA Tech will be investing to further the development of existing products that have successfully served the industry and launch innovative new solutions to improve market infrastructure across the listed and cleared derivatives industry. FIA Tech works in close partnership with the broader industry, including exchanges, clearinghouses, clearing firms and other intermediaries, independent software vendors, buyside firms and end users to bring efficiency to the exchange traded and cleared derivatives industry.

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