Capture and store client data needed for regulatory reporting

OCR Data Service

The FIA Tech OCR Data Service is a web-based reporting system that allows participating Reporting Firms, such as Futures Commission Merchants (FCM), clearing organizations, foreign brokers, and swap dealers, to capture and store client data needed for regulatory reporting purposes and file ownership and control reports to the CFTC. Reports are filed based on trigger files supplied by Reporting Firms.  Manually generated reports can also be initiated by Reporting Firms within the FIA Tech OCR Portal. The OCR Data Service executes the filing of these reports directly to the CFTC and other intended recipients incorporating owner and controller information maintained by users within the system.

The FIA Tech OCR Data Service affords a high level of security, resiliency, and reliability of reporting services to its users, including both the Reporting Firms and their Clients who maintain owner and controller information within the system.

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