What is FCR?

FIA Tech’s Fees & Commissions Repository (FCR) is the industry’s golden source repository for all exchange fee, commission, and brokerage rate schedules along with supporting reference data.

Tightly integrated to FIA Tech’s Docs service, it gives clients and brokers a holistic tool to manage full service, execution only and clearing only trading relationships. With a comprehensive user interface, API coverage and tools, FCR gives buy and sell side firms full control and transparency to the process with integration to internal systems.

Our user interface and API create an industry standard for the representation of rate schedules and allows the buy and sell side to maintain this golden source data for use in any internal system.

With exchange fees sourced from the Exchange Fees Databank (EFD) firms can rely on fee schedules accurately enriched with correct data from the industry’s trusted source. Further, with seamless integration to the FIA Tech Docs platform, rate schedules are synched to the appropriate Give Up Agreement’s Rate Schedule for brokerage, dramatically reducing manual updates and chance for error.

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Integrated Exchange Fees

Firms can rely on fee schedules accurately enriched with correct data from the industry’s trusted source.

Exchange Fees Databank
FCR supports schedules for:
  • Commissions (both Execution and Clearing)
  • Exchange Fees
  • Interest
  • Trade related tax

A central, trusted platform that mitigates the Fees & Commissions challenges of the past

FCR can eliminate:

  • Erroneous commission calculations leading to strained relationships between buy and sell side
  • Erroneous brokerage calculations leading to delayed payment for brokers
  • Erroneous exchange fees leading to fines and negative reputational impact
  • Operational inefficiencies

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