Committees & Working Groups

Initiatives March 12, 2021

——————– Trade Data Network (TDN) Working Group The Trade Data Network Working group series is made up of three groups that meet monthly: Buy Side Functional Working Group, consisting of Buy Side participants and focused on key functional areas. Sell Side Functional Working Group, consisting of Sell Side participants and…


Foreign Security Futures

Initiatives March 11, 2021

They define and restrict “narrow indices” as ones where: A constituent individually makes up more than 30% by market value. 9 or fewer constituents Top 5 constituents make up more than 60% by market value. Bottom 25% of component market value greater than 30 million dollars or 50 million dollars…


UX Design Lab

Initiatives July 31, 2020

What is it? A group of active Accelerate (Atlantis, Docs, OCR) users who are able and willing to give valuable design feedback on Accelerate Products. How does it work? Once or twice a month, we will send out an email with a call for participation in a design research activity.…


Rate Schedule Digitization (Semantic/eClerx)

Initiatives July 30, 2020

PDF Rate Schedule Digitization Initiative In 2016, FIA Tech began communicating with all firms using the EGUS (now Docs) system regarding a mandatory Digitization project aimed at converting PDF rate schedules into an electronic rate format (eRate). The purpose of digitization is to help firms create a centralized rate schedule…


MIFID II Position Limits


PLD Enhancements for MiFID II In January 2018, commodity derivatives traded in European markets will be subject to new position limit monitoring requirements as part of the MiFID II regulations. As a result, PLD is being enhanced to account for all impacted products and exchanges. FIA Tech Data Analysts are…


GUA Transfer Protocol

Initiatives March 16, 2019

Initiative Overview: In preparation for potential Brexit-related business migrations, many firms indicated that a significant number of new Give-Up Agreements may be needed to service clients via EU27-based affiliates or branches. Given the operational and legal efforts required to initiate and execute a high-volume of individual agreements in a short…


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