About FIA Tech

FIA Tech was launched in 2007 by the Futures Industry Association, the trade association representing futures industry market participants including clearing firms, banks, exchanges and buyside institutions. Today, FIA Tech is a global technology provider to more than 8,000 firms, with a growing global presence. Since our launch, FIA Tech has continually worked with the industry to develop and provide key services and technologies which help market participants reduce risk, mitigate operational costs and meet market and regulatory challenges. Through a combination of innovative technology and its unique insight into the industry, FIA Tech has been able to solve long standing problems in the industry. Some of FIA Tech’s achievements include centralising brokerage settlement across more than 40 global exchanges, improving the productivity of brokerage teams by a factor of 3X, reducing time to execute give up agreements by 33% while also identifying and eliminating sources of friction across the industry, and worked with the FCM community, clients, exchanges and regulators to reduce costs of regulatory compliance.

  • More than 8,000 futures market participants use one or more of FIA Tech’s services, giving FIA Tech unique opportunities to provide services across the entire market – buyside firms, end users, FCMs, introducing brokers & market makers. These services include digitally managing legal agreements, meeting regulatory compliance requirements arising from CFTC, MIFID II and exchange regulatory compliance, settling brokerage fees with automated reconciliation and reference data products which are required across the pre- and post-trade space in futures and equity options.
  • FIA Tech’s services are delivered using its Accelerate platform, a comprehensive software-as-a-service and transaction processing platform which has allowed FIA Tech’s range of services to scale across a wide range of capabilities with global reach. With a comprehensive service-based architecture and hybrid datacentre/cloud footprint, FIA Tech has brought numerous services to market cost effectively, with the scalability to process and re-process millions of trades per day.
  • Since introducing Accelerate in 2016, FIA Tech has grown 37% per year, on average, while preserving utility-like costs for users.

Our Services

  • Docs: To help the industry manage futures give-up legal agreements and the structured and unstructured data involved in those agreements, FIA Tech’s Docs provides a central venue connecting every significant bank, broker, clearing firm and buyside firm. Docs is a unique contract composition, negotiation, execution and management service that warehouses give-up agreements and onboarding data for market participants supported by a electronic signature framework with support from over 3,800 legal entities globally.
  • Atlantis: For brokerage processing, FIA Tech’s Atlantis service for give up brokerage calculation and settlement manages payments to executing brokers related to futures give-up and block trading activity, accelerating revenue collections for finance teams and reducing operational costs for the industry.
  • Databank: FIA Tech’s Databank is our global network for reference data, sourced from over 80+ exchanges and standardized to form provide the golden source of reference data for regulatory compliance. Working with the industry, National Competent Authorities (NCAs) and exchanges, FIA Tech has standardized position limit data and exchange fee data to ensure its interpretation is consistent across markets.
  • Regulatory Reporting: Lastly, FIA Tech also operates an owner/controller repository (OCR) & regulatory reporting service to provide FCMs, Swap Dealers and regulators key client data from 8,000 clients/end users, encompassing over 250,000 beneficial owners who have trading activity in listed derivatives.

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